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Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships or financial help available?

We do not provide scholarships; however, occasionally when the universities or institutions advertise them we are able to extend to qualified students.

What are the language requirements?

You will need to demonstrate your proficiency in English, preferably by means of an IELTS test though we also accept TOEFL, the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) and the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE). We need to receive an original report with test results that are no more than two years old.

Do you have course descriptions on-line?

The course description provides much useful information about courses offered by the college.  The curricula of the college are generally set forth through the course descriptions and the curriculum plans that link them together into a coherent sequence of study.  Every university gives their course description

What type of housing do you use?

There is Home stay kind of housing and On Campus accommodation usually organized by the institution to be attended, and we also advice accordingly.

What happens if I have special dietary needs?

If you have any special dietary needs just let us know beforehand, the universities normally takes care of dietary needs

How do I make travel arrangements?

All participants are responsible for purchasing their own tickets.. However, as a Value Added Service we will assist you with flight bookings and assist you to get competitive fares. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about travel logistics!

How does the airport transfers work?

Our office will liaise with respective university to arrange for your airport pick up when you arrive in the destination of choice . You will need to give us the travel itinerary 7 days in advance to facilitate this.

Can I extend my stay?

Depending on country of destination, each has it’s own rules based on the student visa.

Who is eligible?

All those interested in studying abroad, Diploma, Undergraduate and post graduate degrees

What is the application process?

The application process entails that you submit the required documents namely academic certificates and transcripts , passport, school leaving certificates etc.We shall guide you through the processes.

Can I use financial aid?

Upon meeting the requirements of the country or institution of your intended study, you may apply.

Should I open a bank account overseas?

In most cases you will open an overseas account once you arrive in your new destination.

Do I need a passport or visa to study abroad?

Yes you certainly need a passport to travel and stay abroad, and also  a visa.

What should I pack?

Our office offers pre-dearture Briefing sessions during which students are  prepared  to leave for the new destinations. WE guide students on , the climate or weather conditions in that country, how to deal with culture shock and  on what to pack.

How to submit the transcript?

Transcripts and all admission requirements are submitted during the application process.

How to Submit the Letter of Recommendation (& who can submit it?)

If required it’s submitted at the application process.

What are the GPA requirements?

GPA requirements depend with the intended course and the institution’s requirements.

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