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3M Overseas Education Advisory centre


who we are

3M Overseas Education Advisory Centre is an innovative and specialist Consultancy Company registered with Kenyan Government with offices in Nairobi & Eldoret. The Company offers comprehensive education related services with emphasis on career counseling, student recruitment and placement in Overseas Universities and Colleges.

Our Mission

3M Overseas is dedicated to optimize your potential and create opportunities for personal growth, global understanding through quality international education cultural experiences and unparalled client support.

3M Overseas Edication
Our vision

To be a professional reputable consultant that understands and provides educational services and self fulfillment of student needs in Kenya and beyond.

Steps Taken

• Avail academic documents
• Documents assessment/certification
• Free personalized counselling
• Application submission
• Conditional/unconditional offer letter
• Accepting the offer
• Fee deposit payment
• Visa process

The Need

Our motivation to initiate the Company was necessitated by realization that each student is a unique individual with inherent potential and talent which can be enhanced for maximum gain in a conducive environment. In this regard we endeavor to place the right student into the right University/ College and for the right reason.

Our Values

• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Passion
• Innovation
• Work ethics

Our Commitment

• To pair students with the right institutions with quality support facilities for research, Innovation and technical development as they seek to realize their educational goals.
• To offer professional counseling to students in area of courses, career choice and thus broaden their opportunities to maximize their potential.
• To act as liaison between educational institutions, local ministry of education, parents and students during and after enrollment.

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